November 26, 2012

Huge Sale: Daryl K Leather Leggings and More!

Oh! Let me count the ways of how jealous I am right now!  There are advantages and disadvantages of living abroad... but clearly one of the biggest disadvantages is missing out on the great sales that are cropping up in New York City and Brooklyn.  For example, I've been getting texts the last few days of a great sale going on at the Brooklyn Circus in Brooklyn.   It's this amazing mens store with a vintage twist.   But alas...

Today's agony is the upcoming Sale happening next Sunday and Monday!  Organized by Laura Rosenthal, she's pulled together a range of amazing items, including, but not limited to the coveted Daryl K leggings.  This is a super amazing sale for those in the know.   Small sizes have the amazing tag of $450 and regular sizes are 20% off. Get your ass over their, and try them on!

And if you do, buy me a pair of the brown suede ones! Size TBD after post thanksgiving scale weighing.