Other Incarnations of Lady Warfield

I first started blogging with Mommy Drinks Style back in 2009.  The content was really the same as the one after and this current version.   I think really the only difference has been the design.  So, the above banners give you an idea of the transitions I've gone through.   I loved them all, but it's always good to have a little fresh look once in a while.  So in 2011 I changed it up again, with a more vibrant, Disco type banner. I was feeling a bit like a party girl, and the banner reflected that.

But now, in my next chapter, I'm a bit more zen mamma.   I meditate, study zen like philosophies, and then try and practice them.  I'm older, a bit wiser, and definitely more at peace with who I am.  So I was looking for something to change it up a bit.  That's what you have above. And below is the variation that didn't make it.  But I liked it too. Like Night and Day. Day won, because that's when we are most confident. At night is when we let the creeping doubts emerge.  But the best thing about it, is that we always have a new day.

And just to throw in another banner, below is the one I have on my other, now archived blog "Mommydrinks abroad".   It served it's purpose well. Informing friends and family of my whereabouts and activities when living in Germany.   I'm not posting on it anymore, well, because I'm not living abroad.  But it will live on, and you can visit if you like to check out what I was doing between 2012-2015.

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