May 29, 2013

A Trip to Amsterdam to see Girls Against Boys

Girls against Boys.

May 3rd  I jumped on a train to Amsterdam to see my friend play with his band.  I couldn't get anyone else to go with me, so I just went for it.  It turned out to be the best thing I could have done.  It was so nice to be on my own wandering the streets of Amsterdam.  Checking out shops, people watching and enjoying the atmosphere.  Later that evening I hooked up with my friend Eli and grabbed something to eat before the show. 

The show was fantastic. I think so many bands mature in a way that makes them more interesting to see than when they are just young men.  Although I have to admit, I never saw them play when they first set of in the late 80's. But I wasn't disappointed.  

It was an amazing night.   From there we hit a club where our friend was Djaying, "ThugFu**er".  It was almost as if I stepped into another world.  One a mother of two doesn't get to join too often.

March 12, 2012

Velvet Mood Diaries, just posted about these amazing miniature handcrafted dolls, created by the sexy twin sisters, Elena & Ekaterina Popovy. The Popovy Sisters are from Russia and started making dolls in 2004. They are amazing in their detail and likeness. I have always been a doll collector as my good friends know... and at times have gone overboard. But what I always look for is either a unique perspective, or amazing realism with a twist. These ladies are so talented, and they incorporate fashion, pulp culture, and sex into their dolls.

Also Check out Velvet Moon Diaries on fashiolista.com and get inspired!

February 27, 2012

Oscars? No, it's the Oscar Weenies!!

Noted as the first lover of Dachshunds, Queen Victoria 

Forget the Oscars. Seriously, I missed them all together now that I'm 6 hours ahead––  Which is odd, because really I felt 6 hours behind–– so I didn't get the chance to be disappointed (again) in a failed attempt to humor an audience that has seen it all and done it all.  You would really have to change the format.  But why do that, when you have other venues for that sort of thing. Oscars is what it is. And we have to suffer through it, because, ultimately we love it.

So, instead I bring you my Oscar moments for the most famous, weeniers and their famous owners.  Starting with my famous weenier, Tiki:

the proud and regal Lady Tiki - in Berlin

Artists and their lovable Doxies.

Screen sirens from the 30's-50's

Whose sexier...?

I did miss my favorite part of the oscars, the ladies in their dresses. But in recapping this morning, I've made my own list of my top favorite ladies and their dresses...

Starting with the two best in red/magenta:

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli.  She looks amazing! Love red hair with this color red!

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton. It's hard to rock a strapless and she does it amazingly.
She's sexy, but somehow still demur.

Almost tragic, but it works...

Glenn Close in Zac Posen.   Normally I wouldn't suggest all green structured in satin. It can look like a mother of the bride, or something out of a period film.  Or possibly, let's make a dress out of these curtains.
But, first off all, how amazing does Glenn rock it.  Curves and all.
And the jacket updates the Mae West quality of the gown.  I give it 4 stars.

Heavenly white...

Rooney Mara in Givency Haute Courture.  I was like... who is this?  I don't know who this person is.  Then duh, it hit me. She is the one and only sexy, punked out actress who portrayed Lisbeth Salander from The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo!
Wow. And this 30's style gown looks amazing on her.   

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford.   Whatever you might say, she knows how to wear clothes.
And this white dress is the very opposite of the dress Rooney is wearing, but equally glamourous. Where Rooney is a gliding Carole Lombard, Gwyneth is slick Grace Kelley, 

And now for the va va boom...

Alexandra Edenbourough with her husband, Gary Oldman.  Okay, I don't know who she is wearing, but it fits her perfectly.  I want to be her actually.  I've seen pictures of her before, and I thought she was pretty, but here, she really looks like 70's siren a la Sharon Tate, but in an italian sort of way.  

Angelina Jolie in black velvet Atelier Versace.   Listen she got a lot of flack and praise for this move. But seriously, she gets criticized so much for being boring at events, I think this is hysterical.  I think I'd do the same if I looked like here.  She really enjoyed herself with her cheeky provocative side, flashing her long leg in that thigh-high slit.

And My Oscar Weenier Award goes out to "My Favorite Couple":

Melanie Griffith in YSL with Antonio Banderas.
 "What the 'F'?" you say, drool falling out of your mouth that is hanging so wide open.  "Are you off your rocker?  Favorite couple?? What are they feeding you over there in Hamburg?"

Yes. And one reason only.  They really, honestly, look like they LIKE each other. Love, like, like love.

Most of these couples you look at you just can't tell what their story is.  Is it convenient. Is it political. Will their relationship help their career.   Or is one protecting the other because they are gay.

Not Melanie and Antonio.   They have endured. They are quirky. There were sexy, and sometimes still are in a strange way.  But mostly, he looks at him adoringly, and vice versa.

So there.  And there you have it. From Tiki to Oscars.  You have your Oscar Weeniers.

March 16, 2011

The bats have left the bell tower...

Hello. I've been a little behind on the amount of postings that I've wanted to do.   So much is swirling around in my life at the minute, and it's all good.  But finding time to post sometimes gets pushed to the back.  I'm reluctant to just post nonsense, but if you prefer more posts, I will. Otherwise, you have to wait for something decent.

With all the fanfare about Twilight, and even in the glory days of the anne rice novels, a film that gets over looked often, is The Hunger.   I love this film so much for so many reasons, and the main one is the amazing cast: Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon. 
The three of them are so sexy in The Hunger and David Bowie plays the part of the aging, and pushed aside lover so well.  There are appearances by Anne Magnusum and William Dafoe as well, and of course the opening act, the Bauhaus.  Peter Murphy never looked so delicious.

It is one of the more visual, and stylish vampire movies made.   And to me, it floats along like a dream.  I just re-rented and am planning to do a screening any day now.  I get the pleasure of showing it to my friend for the first time.  Don't you love first times!
The Opening of Hunger:

March 8, 2011

You can dance right through your life...

Jennifer Beals with Sunny Johnson. Suddenly I've justified my big bag again!

I have this old play list that I've added and deleted from back before I had an iPod.. back when I used to have this clunky MP3 player that I would sync to my computer.  I had it back in '99, and have updated it all the way through upgrades and new devices.   This play list was and is titled 80's new wave. It's not  80's punk music, but my 80's new wave and pop music nostalgia tunes.  Most recently I added Gloria by Laura Branigan, Fame and What a Feeling by Irene Cara. It's the music that I listed to in high-school, right between the transition from classic rock and punk rock. It was my brightly colored shoulder pad phase before my dark and spiky ripped up phase. And oddly right now, I'm enjoying a bit of a revival period of these clothes.

Most recently I raided my mom's closet. I've raided it before, but I look for different things each time. The last time I wouldn't have dared touch her silk shirts with shoulder pads. But now, they are oddly cool and funky. Even the odd sparkly mock turtlenecks.  Enough to make someone vomit and another person croon with envy.

As I listen to the Flashdance soundtrack, it brings back all those memories, so I had to look up the movie again. I really did the ripped sweat shirt and the leggings. But honestly, I did the leggings before the movie. All dancers did. I took 4 years of ballet, tap and jazz, so I was definitely sporting that look. Anyhow, who doesn't just love looking at Jennifer Beals!

This ripped T-shirt was going strong before the movie. It's important to remember, 
most of the time, movies/media copy street looks. Then movies/media reach out to 
a broader audience, so kids in... oh, Oklahoma start dressing urban as well.

The movie poster.  I remember seeing this film in the theater with my boyfriend. 
Not too long after I bought a pair of red pumps.

This is just a great example of her style from tom boy to dancer.  
Baggy clothes, to tightly fitted tights.

When I was in Junior High (long before the movie came about) I swiped several army jackets 
from my Uncle. And then again in High School, I frequented the Army Navy store.   
I have this horrendous picture of me in a wool army jacket, high waisted pants, and wearing 
my green glitter leggings.  Truly inspirational!

This was such a fun moment in the film.  She really seemed provocative and unpredictable.
This is wear all those "under the table footsie fantasies originate".

February 3, 2011

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

This is my Tribute to Karen O. Amazingly talented vocal chords, and a great stage presence. Of course, I love her sense of style. She's hot too!

She looks like a very young Siouxsie Sioux in this video. But her style, and her music is original.

This video, shows her in a very punk, japaneese look. Love the blue, black and studs.

Ok, so let's talk hair! I woke up one morning and my hair had grown out into a Karen O/Dorothy Hamill look! I didn't even have to do anything! That night, just to encourage it, I curled my hair under, and WOW. What rave reviews! I love it. I'm gonna nurture this for a bit. But I do like the cut from the video above.

okay, so maybe it is a bit more Dorothy Hamill.  But it is not Justin Bieber.

December 13, 2010

Seeing that I love Alice and her adventures in wonderland, I had to share this t-shirt with you.
           I've always felt like the girl who was so tall her arms and legs had to stick out the windows and doors to make room for her body! And in school, I always felt like I was being talked in circles, and by a smoking caterpillar.  Many of my boyfriends resembled the vanishing cheshire cat.

Stoned in Wonderland tee

"Tumbling down the rabbit hole was probably the best thing that ever happened to Alice. After all, it seems like she's having a really good time with her new found friends."

uh, ya_uh! And then I fell in after her, and never got out!

November 12, 2010

I Wanna be Where the Boys Are... and kick butt!

I've been meaning to publish this post for quite a while. Really, right after I saw the movie about the Runaways. But for one reason or another, I kept delaying it.
Maybe because, I felt... jealous. How do I explain this?

Well, I was listening to the Runaways when I was a kid.. when they were playing live. I didn't know how cool or interesting they were... I just knew I loved their songs. I gleefully watched Suzi Quatro on Happy Days when she played Leather Tuscadero. Leather was the younger sister of Fonzie's girlfriend, hot-rod driver Pinky Tuscadero. I just thought she was the coolest. Laying there on my stomach, with my chin resting in my hands, elbows propping me up. I absorbed her swagger, her clothes, her attitude. Little did I know, that Quatro was vital to Joan's career, and Joan adopted many of Suzi's qualities including her shag haircut and style. But I recognized that they had the same style. Not knowing that who influenced who. Or for that matter, that they even knew each other.

But I eventually learned. Those were the days, when I listened to music but didn't bother with the details. I was a child after all. I never saw them play, only listened to them on a record. I was a tomboy who liked skirts, and I loved to play with the boys. I wanted to be as cool and tough as them too. I used to even put on my brother's little league baseball uniform, and pretend to be a boy.

When I saw The Bad News Bear in the movie theatre, I identified with Tatum O'Neil. A tomboy with a dress. And then I'd listen to the Runaways, and rock out, and think, girls are just as good as boys!

And then there is a memory of Cherie and her sister, Marie Currie. When I was 16, my very first boyfriend had their album, and showed it to me. And I looked at it, and recognized Cherie. There was one of my heroes. But my sick boyfriend just liked her because she looked like jailbait. And I didn't realize... I didn't think.. that was all a part of her look. And that was the whole way Kim Fowley tried to sell them... his vision of a band that isn’t about "women's lib, but women's libido". But these weren't women... they were girls.

So jealous.... why was I jealous. Because I felt (and don't you sometimes), like they were mine. They were my special band. And then here they are...

...depicted so perfectly, in perfect likeness by these adorable actresses. I guess I just wish, I could play that game too. And be young again, and pick up a guitar and rock out, instead of just being the betty on the beach.  It never occured to me, to pick up a guitar.

But it's never too late. I finally did 4 years ago. And I loved it. I played where the boys go... and I went beyond.

Here are the originals: The Runaways


Kristen Stewart (on left) & Joan Jett

and Dakota Fanning, in the famous corset

Originally worn by Cherie.  It looks like the same one.

Last word.  I found an amazing critique on the movie over on the blog Cellar Door, which you can read yourself if interested.  But I love her quote:
While “The Runaways” doesn’t succeed in everything it tries, I still wish that all those crazy 14 to 19 year olds who are convinced that there is nothing more romantic and relevant for a girl to do is swoon over two guys and suffer from unfulfilled desire until she’s married would see this, and have an epiphany that changes their lives profoundly. This is a movie about girls trying to (partly unsuccessfully) break out of the boundaries of gender stereotypes, and OF COURSE IT’S A PERIOD PIECE. 
She is right about that.  There is no rush to get married.  There is a lifetime ahead of you. I did not get married until I was 32, and then didn't have kids till I was 35.   This way there would be no regrets about what I did before life became more about responsibility and others, and instead, you could be just a little selfish.  That is the luxury and privilege of being young.  You can be selfish, if there is no one to feed, but yourself.